Lines of Operation

When it comes to Christian ministry, the term "services" has never really been a good description of what we do or plan to achieve. This is because the ROAR ministry is primarily pastoral in its focus.

In other words, (rather than services) we have several initiatives that seek to engage with military veterans and their families/friends with the hope that we can help them to find connection with others and meaning & purpose for themselves


Whether you need a speaker for an event or you'd like to host a workshop, a seminar - or even a weekly church service for veterans we can help you out!

The ROAR ministry will also occasionally be hosting events - watch this space for details or ask to go on our mailing list.


We know how isolated our veterans can feel at times - that's part of the reason this ministry exists.

Stay tuned - we're in the process of developing some pastoral initiatives that will help veterans to access chaplaincy/pastoral support - outside of the workplace/chain-of-command.

We have some limited capacity for pastoral visiting (greater Sydney only at this stage) - and we can help with spiritual assistance during significant events.

Even if you'd just like is for us to be praying for you (and your situation) - you can always get in touch by email and we can put you on our prayer list.


If you're looking for templates for a prayer-based service, a commemoration or memorial - or even just after some suggestions as to how you might start structuring a church ministry to make veterans feel more comfortable - we're more than happy to assist.

We're also looking at making available some ministry resources & useful links for supporting and kindred organizations. There are also a couple of major works that are in the pipeline as we speak.

We also welcome inquiries from church leaders/pastors who might wish to serve this ministry or who'd be interested in joining our pastoral network. Don't be shy...send an email today!

What Next?

We'd really love to hear from you. Whether you have a prayer request, you'd like information about ministry to veterans - or you simply want to say "g'day" feel free to send us an email.